Why Renewable Fuels?

At BlendStar, we believe that the use of renewable fuels will help provide a sustainable pathway toward cleaner energy consumption in the US. To promote distribution, we strategically locate our terminals to provide efficient and economic delivery to markets that do not have sufficient and cost-effective access to renewable fuels. As production and consumption of conventional ethanol and biodiesel pose various challenges, many companies are researching and producing “advanced” forms of renewable fuels, including cellulosic ethanol and biodiesel produced from algae. With this in mind, we construct our sites to support various types of renewable fuels with marginal or no modifications. The links below provide detailed industry news and information.

Renewable Fuels Association

American Coalition for Ethanol

Growth Energy

Renewable Fuels Foundation

Ethanol Facts

DOE/EPA Fuel Economy

EPA/Renewable Fuel Standard

USDOE Alternative Fuels & Advanced Vehicles

Energy Information Administration

National Bio-Diesel Board

Iowa Renewable Fuel Association

California Energy Commission

Canadian Renewable Fuels Association